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Policy to use the data:

  • Ensure that the data accessed will be used exclusively by the user and under his/hers direct control.
  • Ensure that the data will be used only within a not-for-profit framework and for scientific purposes only.
  • Ensure that the data will not be modified, distributed or made available to any third party without previous written authorization from NiPS.
  • Ensure that the source of the data is clearly mentioned or cited in any communication associated with any use of the data made by the user by citing REAL VIBRATIONS as “Vibration data from REAL VIBRATIONS database, NiPS Laboratory, http://realvibrations.nipslab.org”.
  • Ensure that the data description is clearly referenced or cited in any scientific publication by citing: Neri, Igor, et al. "A real vibration database for kinetic energy harvesting application." Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 23.18 (2012): 2095-2101.
  • Ensure that, in the case where the data in REAL VIBRATIONS plays a major role in a scientific publication, the content of the scientific publication and the author list is agreed with NiPS
  • Ensure that the user will explicitly acknowledge the support from EnABLES. The paper/presentation MUST include the following text: “The [please insert descriptor] data is provided on an “as is” basis through EnABLES, funded by the EU H2020 Infrastructure Programme (H2020-INFRAIA-02-2017) under Grant Agreement 730957.

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